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Star Touring and Riding Chapter 5106 Christmas Party 2009 - Elk Lake Eco Lodge

Our chapter was fortunate enough to be able to celebrate the holidays at the Elk Lake Eco Lodge this year.  It was gorgeous and both the meal and the fellowship was amazing!  Kim spoke as the chapter's president to thank the group for all that was done, everything we have accomplished this past year and to emphasize how important our presence is to this community.  I could sense her getting somewhat emotional and she is well within her right.  She has much to be proud of.  The community of Temiskaming Shores and surrounding area has really noticed this group's contribution to the betterment of our residents and their families, and society as a whole.  Star is there to help families and friends not only during hardships, but to celebrate the amazing and positive moments in life.  For the good and bad, for the happy and sad, for the ups and downs, Star has been there and plans on continuing to be a powerful presence and have as much an impact if not more than we have had this past year, for years to come.  With a leader like Kim, I have no doubt that this will indeed happen!  Thanks Kim!


The evening of November 28th's festivities was a huge success.  There were a great many laughs, some piano playing, dancing, unwrapped gifts were donated to children in need of some extra TLC by our members, and an overall sense of gratitude filled the lodge as we enjoyed, celebrated and remembered how fortunate we are.  It was awesome to see Nicole and Maurice, who came all the way from Sudbury to join in the fun! 

......a few words to compliment an already great evening!

Much in the spirit of giving, thanking is part and parcel of this greatly contributing community group.  Star Touring and Riding's  main focus is on family, fun, camaraderie and RIDING, and keeping with this tradition and mind set, Kevin, your North Ontario provincial director and dear friend of Kim's, presented Kim with the "I worked my butt off" award to acknowledge her efforts, dedication and degree of devotion to the group.  Both her commitment to Star and her love for riding have played a huge part in making her the president she is today; appreciative, ready, willing and able to help the community we all love and enjoy touring!  Kevin mentioned how our founder Allan Cease's positive attitude has had a ripple effect on our members.  Kevin proceeded to express his opinion that Kim was cut from the same cloth in her having established a strong group unity, conducive to productivity, leading to amazing results.  "It's the people power" Kevin said, "that makes our group what it is today.  Our strength is people".   He started his presentation by keeping us in suspense as to who was being awarded.  Slowly but surely, he inched his way closer and closer to the name of this individual, but not without teasing his audience, having them guess and wonder.  Both speeches were great!  Thanks guys!

Members of Star Touring and Riding Chapter 5106 who were able to attend the 2009 Christmas party

Marielle and Jean

Nicole and Maurice all the way from Sudbury!

Friends file!

Julie and Helene, Kevin and Kim....
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