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Dr. Rick Caldwell left for Guatemala on November 5th, 2010.   For more information reguarding Dr. Caldwell and others' contributions, go to http://www.ftccanada.ca/index

This is a perfect example of what Star Touring and Riding members so generously give of their time to do.

On behalf of Dr. Rick Caldwell

As many of you are aware, the official sponsored charity of Star Touring and Riding,
is Feed The Children (aka FTC) based in Oklahoma City. For those of us in Canada,
the sister organization is called FTC Canada and the two organizations are closely affiliated.
The slogan of this organization is “Feeding hungry children in Canada and around the world”.
I’m sure this is something to which we can all relate. The organization has a number of programs
in Canada and Central America, all aimed at easing the grip of poverty on children.
One of these programs provides medical and dental care to those in need in Latin America.
As a member of Temiskaming Star Touring & Riding Chapter 5106, I am pleased to inform you
that I have been selected as part of the FTC Canada medical/dental team to go to Guatemala
in November 2010.We will be partnering with FTC Central America and working with a number
of Guatemalan health care professionals. All of the Canadian team members are volunteers
who cover their own expenses. However, there are a number of other items required for such
a mission, such as medicines and consumable supplies. In order to purchase such items, the
generosity of our many sponsors and friends is absolutely essential. Without them, FTC Canada
couldn’t do the wonderful work that it does, easing the burden of some of the world’s poorest children.
More detailed information about FTC Canada can be found on their website at www.ftccanada.ca
For those who might be interested in making a donation, the link is www.ftccanada.ca/md
and there is more information specifically about the Guatemala project.
I am humbled to be able to represent both Canada and Star Chapter 5106 in this worthwhile endeavour.
Any support you can lend to the project will be greatly appreciated by all involved.
Thank you for your consideration.

Dr. Rick Caldwell