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R&R Photography Star Gazing
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11/11/2009 03:38:08

I missed riding with you,last Sunday! I had given up hope for a nice day for a last ride before the bike would put away for the winter. And my bike was stored aleady, and no way to retrive it. Viewing these pictures, I was glad such a group were able to enjoy that beautiful day!

11/11/2009 22:36:55

Sunday, November 9th was an amazing day and we had a great ride. We missed the members who weren't able to make it, those who had already put their bikes away thinking we had already had our last ride, which, in this great white north, would have been a fair assumption. We missed you too!
We had a good group of eight bikes and the ride went smoothly. It was crisp at times and I had to put on Kevin's snow pants (which got a few laughs to say the least because I probably looked like the Micheline lady, but that's just funny! I danced a little dance for Kim and she had a hearty laugh!). The company was awesome! It even looks like we might be able to get another few rides in yet! But i'm not going to jinx us! Take care of you!

Dave Sievewright
11/14/2009 06:11:03

Great site, looks like everyone had a great time on your ride. I just got back from a ride myself, no time to winterize yet in British Columbia as I will probably ride all year round (sorry about that) Everyone take care and hope to see you all in July. I will be back on the blog though before then.
All the best.

11/15/2009 00:08:44

Thank you for having a gander! Looking forward to hearing from you again! Stay tuned for constant updates on pictures and possibly other info! Have an awesome winter!

12/4/2009 00:12:26

Thank you all for the wonderful time in Elk Lake , the mood was joyful and the spirit was grand, the friendship is holy and at this time of year is just all about that,may you all have a safe & peaceful Holiday Season .


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