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Bikers Mass 2010

     Bikers Mass 2010 was held at Eglise Sacre Coeur in New Liskeard on Sunday, June 27th.  We met at Chartrand's Independent grocer's and rode to the church, a few blocks away.  Father (Pere) Richard Ngoy (officiating) was able to ride to the church with Ray Poirrier and thought that was the "cat's meow".  Richard was excited and extremely appreciative to have been given the opportunity to ride with Ray and other bikers who attended the mass.  Knowing that I have a tendency to always have my camera in tow, Father Richard asked me to take a few photos of him on the bike and I imagine his intentions are to send these pictures to his friends and family in the Congo!
     Ribbons of various colors were hung on the pews and on the stairs leading up to the church.  The ribbons signified the different types of Cancers and served as a clear reminder as to our purpose and goals where helping raise funds and awareness about Cancer are concerned (to help friends and family who are either directly or indirectly affected by this illness).  Alaya and Andre set flowers down by to the altar as a symbol of the different types of Cancer; a sample box of items offered to Cancer patients in the hospital as a a part of the freedom ride, was also set down  as well as a helmet offered by Kim.  Please forgive me if I am forgetting other items.  
The mass was very powerful and the slide show some of our members  (I believe Anne Thibodeau was a creative contributor if not creator)  prepared brought tears to our eyes.  Many great messages were heard and I for one, truly profited from the experience. 
     Following the mass, the congregation and bikers all went outside to have Father Richard bless the bikes.  It was, overall, an extremely powerful and enlightening experience and it is great that we were able to be a part of it.  Thank you Father Richard and all who prepared the mass.  It is with great appreciation that I take my hat off to you!  Job well done, message clearly heard and with bikes and helmets blessed, I believe we are ready to do whatever it is we are meant to do to help in this battle against Cancer!

The prayers offered during mass...

Priere des motocyclistes
Dieu Pere, auteur de la creation,
Donne-nous d'apprecier
La splendeur de tes oeuvres.
Seigneur Jesus, toi le grand voyageur,
Sois avec nous.

Esprit Saint,
Donne-nous du jugement,
De bon reflexes
Et un peu de ta sagesse.

Dieu, accueille et veille sur les notres
Qui ont trouve la mort sur les routes.

Dieu Pere, Fils et Esprit Saint,
Benis chacun et chacune d'entre nous
Afin que nous puissions vivre
Le civism, la securite,
Et la fraternite.
Motorcyclists' Prayer
Lord God, author of all creation,
Give us appreciation
For the splendors of your works.
Lord Jesus, you the renowned traveler,
Be with us.

Holy Spirit,
Give us good judgment
Right reflexes
And a bit of your wisdom

Lord, look upon those
Who have lost their lives on the road.

God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Bless each and everyone of us
So that we learn to live
With courtesy, security, and fraternity.

Bikers Mass 2009

Bikers' Mass 2009 was at the Paroisse Notre-Dame-de-Bon Secours in Belle Vallee, Ontario, a little town neighboring New Liskeard.  Note:  these pictures are a contribution from a Star member.

Bikers Mass 2008

Be sure to sign our "In memory of..." wall to pay tribute to those affected by the illness we are fighting so hard to beat, as a community.  Bikers Mass 2008 was held at the church in Earlton, Ontario which sits 20mins South of New Liskeard.
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