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Pink Ride for Breast Cancer Research and education

May 1st 2010 "Marked" a special occasion for Star Touring and Riding, Chapter 5106.  On this day, riders got together, raised an awesome amount of funds for breast cancer research, education, awareness and support for those who are affected, and had a great ride to boot!
This event was held at the New Liskeard (Dymond) site of Mark's Work Wearhouse on Highway 11.  Riders were a bit concerned about the 90% predicted forecast of rain, thunder and lighting, but came out despite this to support this worth while cause!  It turns out that the rain held out and we had an amazing ride.  The New Liskeard Lions Club offered some great food on the BBQ to top off the already great event.  Overall, with the funds raised, the education and awareness we were able to promote and encourage, I think it's safe to say that the day was a huge success!  Congratulations Kim (Campbell, president of Star 5106), Bob (Mark's work Wearhouse), Star 5106 members and all who took part, and most importantly, THANK YOU!  Here's to next year and making it an even bigger success! 

A great big THANK YOU on behalf of Star Touring and Riding, Chapter 5106 and its members goes out to Mark's work wearhouse!

And they're off!!!!

Ride Sister Ride

Riding on the back of my sisters' bike we fly

over the country side, like birds skimming by

I could feel her grin

as I throw up my hands to grab a piece of the wind.

My sister is small with a mighty horse engine.

A metal steed, to give her speed

To follow her dreams and fly to the stars

She spins her tires on old Orion

as she follows a moonbeam down.

On canyons edge she rides along,

living her life to the max.

To cross the cracks she gives it the gas,

leaving her dust in the air.

On our way back to the earth

she reeves up the horse

as over a rainbow we go.

Its colors flow as we sail along

taking us back to the road.

She gives me a hand

as we step on the land

and laugh together with helmets in hand

as the wind plays with our hair.

For my Sister Carol Youorski (Skert)

By Sally Y. Weber

from http://www.pinkribbonrides.com/ Kudos to Sally Y. Weber!