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R&R Photography Star Gazing
In memory of....
I wrote her name in the sand and the tide erased it, but she wrote her name on my heart and it will forever be.  They may not be footprints in the sand, but they are surely the set of prints that you have seen beside yours at one point in your life.

I encourage you to write the names of your loved ones who have lost their cancer battle and those who are still fighting this illness (whatever form it has taken) so that we can be reminded of how important it is for us to continue working towards finding a cure.  When we read their names, we are gently reminded that there are so many who are fighting for their lives, so many more who have passed away as a result of an illness that is not discriminatory and for the most part, extremely unforgiving.  Cancer is a health matter that, should we not constantly and vigilantly work towards finding a cure, will continue to rob of us the best people we know.  Whether they are our friends, family, acquaintances or someone we have met in passing, each name on this blog will serve as a reminded that this disease continues taking people and will not stop unless we do something. 
Please write the name of the person(s) as well as a message to them and/or their loved ones if you wish.

1/29/2010 10:15:04 pm

My grandmother (Cecile Godmaire) who passed away several years ago. Although it has been countless years, I still, to this day, feel her presence and guidance in my life. Only the good die young Memere. May you rest in peace.

1/29/2010 10:19:47 pm

"Gator" Spencer. September 22, 2002. Dear friend, aunt, sister, mother, wife, daughter.... to this day, I hear mention of your name and am gently brought back to the simpler days...those days that weren't filled with treatments, with appointments, with heart wrenching news. The last thing you said to me was "your beautiful" and that is exactly what I was thinking about you that day. I did not see the greatly paled skin, the weightloss or the effects and toll the illness had on you. I saw your raw beauty, your thoughtful ways, your gently touch and your loving nature. Yesterday, today and forever, your presence is felt. RIP

1/29/2010 10:24:49 pm

Lucille Robert, December 20th, 2009
Words cannot express the sorrow felt when you passed, but wisdom and experience tells me you will never be gone from our lives. The impact you have had on my life is felt on a daily basis although it had been quite some time since we had talked. Know that you live on in so many of us. RIP the pain is gone, the fighting is through and seeing your strength, determination, courage and class in your fighting this battle has further shown us that even Cancer cannot rob someone of their dignity. You are among the classiest Mme Robert, and always will be.

3/10/2010 10:26:19 am

So many years ago, my dad lost his battle to lung cancer. Throughout his life, he was an avid smoker and I blame his illness to this addictive poison.
He could have had many more years to live, he died much too young. I do miss him very much! We will all be together again one of these days. Love you, Dad!

4/19/2010 11:45:05 am

Raymond Pichette, May 23 2006
He was not only my dad but also my best friend! The one person i could be myself with, could go to about anything, and for anything. His life was cut to short and my life torn apart when we lost him to skin cancer! It will b 4 years this year that he was taken from me, and i still miss him every day. I Love you so much dad!

5/30/2012 03:06:37 pm

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